Monday, December 9, 2013


The temperature and the roads were a little better today, so I was able to make it to the barn. As I was walking across the pasture toward the herd, I could see a horse with something strange about its head. I was really puzzled. I finally got close enough and saw that a little chestnut was wearing a blanket and a combo sleazy/hood, but they weren't made to be worn together (the blanket had no attachment points for a hood), and the sleazy/hood had flipped upside down and was hanging over the horse's head, completely covering his eyes.

The poor guy was pretty freaked out and had some bloody scratches on his legs. I had a hard time getting him to trust me enough to let me get near his head, but after following him around for thirty minutes or so, he finally gave up and let me flip the hood back and then remove it. He shook his head and neck for a long time once it was off. I called the barn owner to let him know the scratches might need a little attention, then caught Dakota and worked him. I shortened the side reins to where he's feeling some contact, and he was super. I can't wait to hop on him again--maybe tomorrow

I've never been at a barn that has such spectacular views. With the snow it's just breathtaking!

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