Monday, December 30, 2013

Herd bound no more (I hope)

Flash had a hard start in life and has some insecurity issues. His go-to misbehavior is herd-boundness, and boy, howdy, can he put on a show. Since I started leasing him, I've lost count of how many snaps, ropes, and leather halters he has broken by pulling back while tied. Camilla has been helping me with some pointers about his behavior, and I'm pretty much endlessly patient, so we've been making slow but sure progress. Today I tried out a whole new strategy, and he was a perfect gentleman! (Sorry about the whimsical black bars in the video. I must have clicked some weird setting in Movie Maker.)

Today I got on Dakota without lungeing first. He was perfect, of course. He could already go intro level; he's so easy to get on the bit! The canter still needs a lot of work, though. He needs to build strength. I haven't asked for it under saddle yet.

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