Monday, March 31, 2008

Progress on multiple fronts

Yesterday evening, with fingers and toes crossed, I reattached the browband on Willow's bridle and attempted to bridle her from the off side. Easy-peasy! No protest from Willow. Almost one year after the development of the ear phobia, we're back to almost-normal. See ya, twist ties!

Now that Willow's teeth are happier, I started up work in hand again, after several weeks' hiatus. Yesterday I got two true steps of piaffe, left-hind then right-hind, where she sat way down behind and stepped well under her center. Yay, Willow!

I think left-lead canter is finally starting to break out of the first-level plateau we've been stuck at. I'm finally feeling glimmers of pushing from my seat rather than being pulled along. Right-lead canter still has echoes of its giant, galumphing past. What fun would dressage be if everything came easy?

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