Thursday, April 3, 2008

Saddle shopping, blech

It's time for a new saddle for Willow. My trusty Kieffer Wien fit her reasonably well as a gangly four-year-old, but now that she has filled out and muscled up, it sits on her wonky. I've been using a thick sheepskin to mitigate the less-than-ideal fit, but a recent visit from a saddler, who let me test drive one of his lovely, comfy creations, has finally convinced me it's time to make a change. Unfortunately I can't afford the comfy saddle.

I hate saddle shopping. There are too many choices, too many variables. The thoroughbred in Willow gives her a really high wither, and my father's side of the family gives me very long legs. We're both a tough fit.

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20 meter circle of life said...

I would rather go to dentist than saddle shop. Good luck I have been there and it just wears you and horse out