Friday, February 27, 2009

Lesson #5, or Willow is no longer a mullet

I had a good lesson last week. Willow was much softer and didn't throw any fits. The trot is really coming along, and even the canter showed noticeable improvement. And Willow wasn't a steaming wreck when we were through. I think it's a combination of her increasing fitness and her greater mental acceptance that she can actually do what I'm asking.

Trainer Leslie had nice things to say, one of which was "Your mare is no longer a mullet." Meaning, Willow is no longer business in front, party in the back. She's starting to actually use her hind end, instead of letting those hind legs do pretty much anything but carry weight.

This week's triumph was a composed, productive schooling session during a marathon shooting session at the nearby gun range, set to a backdrop of heavy rain with gusty winds. Good girl, Willow.

In television news, I am perhaps the biggest Joss Whedon fan on the planet, but I am finding his latest show Dollhouse to be just dreadful. This is his followup to Firefly? Really? On a happier note, I'm also watching Rome, and I just discovered Supernatural and have become quite the Deangirl.


dp said...

I had heard that about Dollhouse, which is sad. I won't fight you for biggest Joss Whedon fangirl (I'm not) but Firefly is about my favourite series ever. We are watching Mad Men these days, and it's good shit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

"Mullet" is a term that I haven't heard before. Your description of "business in front, party in back" is funny. My own nerves would be fried riding near a shooting range. Our county horse facility is right across the street from the dog pound, so my horses and I get to listen to non-stop barking. I guess the county thought it would be a good idea to put all the animals together. I think I could handle the first 5 minutes of Dollhouse and then had to change the channel.

halfpassgirl said...

Mad Men rocks the house. I'm waiting for season two to come out on DVD. For Halloween, my costume was Peggy.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Glad to hear Willow is coming along...warms my heart to hear of your continued progress.

Jennie said...

Ha. "Mullet". I may have to steal that one. Did you know Nathan Fillon is in a new show that starts the 9th? It's called "Castle" as is supposed to be a fun police procedural. I agree with you about Dollhouse.