Sunday, February 15, 2009

Proof of medium, and Endospink

I grabbed the above still from the video I took yesterday to show that Willow really was offering a decent medium on the lunge. The girl has the physical talent; now we've just got to get the brain on board.

Speaking of difficult horses . . . on YouTube I subscribe to Endospink's videos. He's an extremely gifted horseman who breaks racehorses in Japan. He's Australian and has a killer sense of humor. At his facility, he's the guy who gets the youngsters that no one else can handle (meaning he's the guy who has to deal with these horses that have already realized how powerful and scary they can be.) In addition to his humor, incredible riding ability, and fearlessness, what I love about him is that he's never a bully. He loves every horse he works with and is on their side 100%.

Best quote: "He's comin' to town and shootin' the town up, and once the dust settles, he realizes there's no one in town." Ha!

There's another awesome video where the horse he's working with lies down whenever anyone gets on. So the horse lies down, Endo jumps off. The horse goes to get up, Endo jumps back on. The horse stands up and realizes the rider is still there. Damn! Repeat about four times, and the horse never lies down in protest again.

His YouTube handle comes from the fact that he sometimes wears pink breeches. Hee. If you watch some of his videos, you'll see he uses a technique called the TAP in certain instances. I don't know enough about the technique to have an opinion. I am Switzerland. But I have to say I don't begrudge Endo whatever techniques he needs to save these problem horses from slaughter.


dp said...

Thanks for the great video link. I like how he stays calm through everything, has the horse tacked up in normal gear (no gizmos) and wears pink breeches.

Flying Lily said...

Excellent video. I love the technique. And pink breeches. now that is a real man (unafraid!).

Linda said...

Wonderful video - thanks - I'm glad I found your blog and will check back with you again.

Horseypants said...

I love Endospink's videos too. The night I found his youtube channel I stayed up way too late! He also chooses great music.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Totally awesome video! Thanks for sharing - I'm gonna go watch some more of his work.