Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April is the cruelest month

The horrendous weather continues. Today's high was 49, with rain all day and gusty winds. I decided to focus on lungeing and work in hand with Willow tonight so I could remain bundled up. (I used to live in Nebraska, and with the winters we had there I wouldn't have considered 49 degrees "bundling up" weather, but my blood has thinned.)

Willow looked great on the lunge. Tonight I did a lot of work on an eight-meter circle, walk-trot-canter (with plenty of breaks on the larger circle!). It's so great to see Willow finally able to maintain canter on such a small circle in her own balance. For the longest time I thought she'd never stop dragging me to the outside. I could tell it's hard work for her, though; she was really puffing. I can't wait until the day she's capable of a canter volte under saddle. Not to mention pirouette!

I finished up with work in hand to the right. No piaffe tonight, but some definite half steps and good collected trot. Tomorrow we may have some sun and it's supposed to be a little warmer. No excuse not to ride!

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